Sara Jones, Owner


Let us help you...

·  Enjoy Your Environment

·  Use Your Green Thumb

·  Reclaim Your...

                  Garage-Basement-Spare Room 

·  Complete That Project!



Let Us Get Dirty For You

1914 David Drive

Champaign IL 61821

To contact us:

Phone: 217-898-7654


We offer our services all year round so that you can get your to-do list completed when you need it.


Give us a call.  We offer many levels of help.

· Physical Help - We can simply be strong backs to help lift, carry, push, pull, bend or dig for you.

· Task Oriented Help - Don’t have the time or wherewithal to get tasks completed, we can take care of the list per your instructions.

· Organizational Help - Unsure how to prioritize and determine the tasks to be done, just need some help.  We have the resources to create and implement a plan to improve your environment.